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A Promise of Life

I walk close to the tangled barks

and buzzing noise

where creatures of the dark

watch me unseen.

Fear battling with persistence,

I tread into the darkness.

Branches block my vision

and stones prick my feet.

I stumble,

but walk on

when a gust of breeze

sweeps over me.

I look up to see a paradise

of flowers. The buzzing noises are

that of Red Admirals,

hovering around undiscovered flowers.

The tangled barks spread to huge branches

that offer shelter to millions

of tiny creatures, crawling and flying.

Did I fear the darkness?

Doesn’t the dark ultimately

make way for light?

The light of never-ending life,

promise and vigor.

Waiting for the Light

I said, “It is dark all around

I am waiting for the light”

He said, “Just open your eyes

It is bright all over”


I said, “It has been night all along,

I am waiting for the sunshine.”

He said, “The sun is at its best

Your eyes are inverted

It is the darkness of your heart

that you are feeling.”

And I am still waiting…

That Creature

Don’t stroll alone

in the shadowy dark world

for you will be noticed by unseen eyes


The same eyes that quivered

upon sighting the ghost in a misty tree,

which looked serene and heavenly in the day


Those eyes have witnessed

nefarious activities carried out

in the shade of darkness


Those eyes belong to

that creepy creature,

which knows everything

that goes on in the other world