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Spain –The Land of Intrigue

Salamanca Cathedral spain


I see a huge cathedral
marched by monarchs, purists,
reformers and revolutionaries,
whispering, preaching,
abiding, declaring and making way
for a new world

I marvel at the festival of Apostle,
the humble services and prayers,
the enthusiastic fireworks
and stay disheartened as it turns
into a riot with the San Fermin festival,
which further turns into blood and gore
with the bullfight, transforming constructive spirit
and enthusiasm into destructive energy

I wonder at the renaissance architecture and
the Caliphal style for their innovation,
precision and grandeur
while mesmerizing is the modern architecture,
infusing delicacy and style

I watch the passion of Flamenco,
rendered in sweet Spanish,
sway to the beat of Catalonia
and wake out of Spain –
a land of intrigue,
which stands tall
with its art, architecture, literature
and an inimitable culture

Written for Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge