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My New Friend



The butterfly follows me

when I walk,

perches near my seat,

leans forward when I speak

and hovers around

when I sleep


Is he a friend, a confidante?

or a curious bystander?

If he had an ability to converse

or I had the talent of perception,

there would have been a lovely new song

now for you

Butterfly Songs

With a smooth movement

the light-weighted beauty glides past

those hunting charmers,

perches on cattle

and moves away

causing a mild sensation


The butterfly settles on

the leaning flower

lapping up the nectar

before any livid bird

could make a claim

Just Caught my Fancy

I am a light butterfly of yellow

and my flight takes me

to the colours I fancy

I perch on a sunflower

of my color

and the next moment

roll over the roses for nectar


I spring joyfully

to the overtly ripe fruit

and shuttle around

the night’s dim lights


I circle the warm fire,

which is brighter than any color

The heat warns me,

but I fail to notice

and in my excited state

jump straight into the hungry flames

Call of Destiny

The butterfly soared afar

Giving a slip to the boy with the jar

He barely escaped the eyes of a woman

who was picking butterflies for fancy and fun


Though attracted by the fireplace

A spark alerted the butterfly to find a new place

And he could have drowned in the fountain of colours

But for his quick thinking,

Which saved him from dangerous adventures


Finally he perched on a red-blood rose

Unable to resist her fragrance and poise

Now he heard the call of destiny

As a sharp thorn pricked his wings

Bright and Yellow

Was it when the butterfly opened its wings?

or when the sunflower flashed its petals?

or when the marigold turned around?

My sorrows flew with the butterfly

melted in the sunflower

turned into rejoice with the marigold

Bright, sprightly and cheerful

feel them once

and you will feel no sorrow hence