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Lina’s Blossom


Lina looked at the aging blossom in her balcony, eagerly sucking up every drop of rain nature had to offer. The edges of its petals were dark and she could see small holes in the rose. But, it persistently held on. Lina did not know how long she could persist. She thought back to when she was healthy, young, and idle. Now she wanted to make everyday count, no matter how numbered her days were. Determined, she limped painfully from her coffee table to her laptop. Even the morose Robin of the Willow sang with unusual energy and vigor.

This was written for Charli’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. The word prompt for this week is Blossom.

Flower of Joy

Beauty not only resides

in sprightly brightness

and flashing colours

Look at this new blossom

of delicate petals

and pale splendour


Any heart that dances

to the rhythm of animated glow

would be enveloped in soft music

and be cheered with unknown warmth

while glancing at this flower of joy

The Blushing Rose

The rose blossomed with a blush

Wondering at the greenery and lush

Drifting with the cool breeze

Leaning towards the eager bees

Soaking in the warmth of the day

Terrified of approaching footsteps

Threatening to tear it away

Desiring mild dewdrops

To recapture its youth

And revive its mystifying charm

Alarmed at the abrupt storm

Drenching it to a new shape

Pulling on its petals

And pouring torrents of rain

Determined to dislodge it from the stem

The rose resolutely intact

Yearning desperately for silence

And pleading for lingering peace