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Butterfly Songs

With a smooth movement

the light-weighted beauty glides past

those hunting charmers,

perches on cattle

and moves away

causing a mild sensation


The butterfly settles on

the leaning flower

lapping up the nectar

before any livid bird

could make a claim

Birds out Here

Ours is a hometown

where the birds just walk,

their tender legs barely supporting

the rest of their weight


They steal water from starving grasses

and halt near the shopkeepers,

fluttering their eyes for food

When refused, they remember to take flight,

flapping their wings furiously

over the hostile humans

and soaring far above,

a spectacle of their superior powers

A Strange Sight

The roads were strangely

devoid of humans

Birds perched on windowsills,

looking trustfully

at empty houses

A cat penetrated

every step crossing her path,

her powerful eyes

glowing more with hunger


The humans were scattered,

some in cold offices,

others in lottery houses

and a few at the cash machine,

all of them with the same thought

Dreadful Night

In the darkest of nights

cats cried out in alarm

and birds whimpered with them

forming a strange music

Trees stood unnaturally still

unaffected by the wind


I felt my bed shake

and a whisper in the covers

the voice of a ghost

asking for a place

amongst the living

Those Birds

Those birds in the park

Some chirping joyously

Some croaking lazily

Some moaning piteously


Perched on a tree

They share tales of their misery

Tales of promises and treachery

Those we hardly understand

Still so similar to our own

One Afternoon

It was an afternoon

when birds in their nest swoon

that the sun forgot

to turn on its burning heat

It cast a warm light

to every being’s delight

Its warm glow

enveloping everything in yellow

Trees, plants and birds

half-asleep, soaked in the mild sun

and humans pausing to stare

hoping for its good temper to last

forgetting the aura of twilight for a while

Never-Ending Road

I traveled down the never-ending road,

surrounded by heavy trees,

as huge branches leapt forward

trying to kiss the window,

but were swept back to their place

by some unseen force.

Love birds, feeding each other,

peeked from their hiding,

to stare at the strange vehicle.


A small pond invited the gaze

with irresistible clear water

and huge hills occupied the way forward,

magnificent, untouchable and mystical.

Caged Bird


My day begins with blinding flashlights,

And people getting dangerously close

Scaring me and assaulting my space.

I ignore them as I chew on my eatables

Looking for companions in the narrow enclosure

I flinch at the furious wind and insensitive visitors

And cry sharply, flying around my small shelter.

I am admired and offered the tastiest of delicacies

However, I long for freedom

As I am just a caged bird.