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The Distant Land


I look forward to the day

I would migrate

to a land far away

full of lush trees

fleshy fruits and inviting flowers


I know the route by heart

to the distant land

I would pass by the sandalwood trees,

countless palm trees and finally

reach my sought-after destination

I would perch on the same old oak tree,

not caring for the new ones

I would sit on a new leaf everyday,

teasing the pink flowers

and savouring the fruits ready to fall


I am ready to migrate

to that land

of my dreams

Bird and Flower

Why did the bird perch over the same flower?

suckling deep inside

only to return in a few seconds

and ignore other dazzling beauties nearby


The bird visited everyday

squealing shrilly at competition

chasing feathered companions


The bird returned even after

the flower faded away

nibbling the stem

and pecking the thorns furiously

calling for the flower piteously

with its blood-soaked beak

The Cries

The baby bird cried softly outside the window

Watching the sick mother feed her new-born

She should have seen something in his forlorn eyes

For she dragged herself to the window

To feed him with love and care

The baby became stronger

And the bird grew into a fledgling

When the window closed forever

The fledgling pecked the window

Till his beak was sore

And the baby cried inside

Till there were no more tears

But the window remained resolutely closed

Under the Mango Tree

It was not the grating sunlight

But the benevolent moonlight

That the lovers sought

As they huddled together


The mango tree listened, amused,

As they spoke of their dreams,

Future and lingering aspirations

The envious big bird listened too

And spitefully pushed a heavy fruit,

Which missed its target

And fell neatly in front of them

They looked up and thanked the tree

Their thirst satiated


The leaves shook

With silent laughter

At the startled bird

The tree said, ‘Love can never be ridiculed

And lovers are never discouraged’