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New Life

I tried to move my ravaged limbs

when I heard arms and legs

thrashing around

in the next ward.

I rasped, trying to breathe

as incoherent screams

from the neighborhood

gave voice to my pain.

Silence found me, at last,

and I was wrapped, but

my soul wandered,

half-desolate and half-ecstatic.

Then I opened

my new eyes

to see a vague form

as motherly cooing

caressed my ears.

Short Story Published in Page & Spine

Hello Friends,

My short story, ‘Shopping with the baby’ has been published in Page & Spine. Thank you, Nancy, for the kind words of appreciation and the publication. Please find a link to the story below.

Shopping with the Baby

There are two adult characters in this story. If you read this, do let me know if you have come across such characters in real life.

The Cries

The baby bird cried softly outside the window

Watching the sick mother feed her new-born

She should have seen something in his forlorn eyes

For she dragged herself to the window

To feed him with love and care

The baby became stronger

And the bird grew into a fledgling

When the window closed forever

The fledgling pecked the window

Till his beak was sore

And the baby cried inside

Till there were no more tears

But the window remained resolutely closed