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Spain –The Land of Intrigue

Salamanca Cathedral spain


I see a huge cathedral
marched by monarchs, purists,
reformers and revolutionaries,
whispering, preaching,
abiding, declaring and making way
for a new world

I marvel at the festival of Apostle,
the humble services and prayers,
the enthusiastic fireworks
and stay disheartened as it turns
into a riot with the San Fermin festival,
which further turns into blood and gore
with the bullfight, transforming constructive spirit
and enthusiasm into destructive energy

I wonder at the renaissance architecture and
the Caliphal style for their innovation,
precision and grandeur
while mesmerizing is the modern architecture,
infusing delicacy and style

I watch the passion of Flamenco,
rendered in sweet Spanish,
sway to the beat of Catalonia
and wake out of Spain –
a land of intrigue,
which stands tall
with its art, architecture, literature
and an inimitable culture

Written for Līgo Weekly 220w Challenge

The Painting

Whose imagination brought to life?

Whose life inspired this art?

A painting of a boy

Looking at you

Or looking through you?

Deep inside the glassy eyes

You can spot the distress

You can feel the ache

Hours of pain witnessed by the painter

Transferred within a second to the viewer