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Ligo Haibun Challenge – The Sage


I heard a screeching noise and saw the creature for the first time. It looked like a goat, but was something different. Later, I learnt that he was a Llama. After eating the grass, he looked at me. It was a contemplative look, as though he saw something that others had missed. It was a look that animals did not give humans. It was as though he knew everything that was going on.

Later, the shepherd drove him away and the Llama threw a resigned look. I thought of him as a sage. The Llama presented an odd picture, trotting amongst regular sheep. ‘The sage’ came everyday and probed my cottage, conveying different thoughts, till the shepherd spotted and whisked him away.

Eternal prejudice

supreme intelligence

locked inside a four-legged genius

The above was written for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. This week we have photos of the Llama and the penguin. Take part and share your haibun with us.

Watching Them

We watch them in grasses

Grazing to their full

and staring curiously

Little knowing the intentions

The next day – they are in our dining tables

in varying forms and sizes


We watch them in media

Call them ‘endangered species’

while wearing their skin

as a deterrent against cold

and an object of fancy


We watch them in the forest

Marvel at their ferocity

Hiding in a safe place

The next day –

the trophies of our ‘bravery’

hang in our walls


Just think for a moment

of the dying animal

Liken their blood with yours

Look into their eyes,

think of your loved ones

and we will never do that again

The Country in Far East

There is a country on the Far East

much favoured by every beauty of nature

A land of splendid hills

Here the flowers are not plucked

and the roads are not soiled

There is unlimited freedom

with different people united


Voices are soft

and everybody is heard

Animals speak here –

Dogs in a pleasing voice,

Horses commanding

Cats proud

and the squirrels in a melting tone


No arrogance and abuse

in the countless networking sites

Acceptance and equality all around

with opportunities in abundance



His name was Jimmy

As many dogs in his place were called

His master barked orders at him

Still under the delusion that he was in the army

Jimmy delighted in teasing his mistress,

Who was dreadfully scared of dogs

But the little boy in the house tormented Jimmy

By throwing stones at him

Or pulling his ears

The dog stayed in the house

Only for the girl, who fed him delicacies,

Petted and pampered him


If there was one person Jimmy loathed,

It was Aunt Cheryl,

Who dressed him in red frocks

And tied red ribbons around his tail

Tale of a Deer

I escaped the terrifying forest

Leaving behind ferocious predators

And loving mates

To come to this lush green city

Full of life and vegetation


And what do I behold?

But predators in sophisticated attire

Lusting my skin

And desiring my meat

And I see the meat of fellow animals

Hanging in butcher shops

So out of shape

That I am unable to identify them

I have a tiny heart that beats, too

And I decide to go back to the forest

Live with my friends

And confront my predictable enemies

Leon – The Racehorse

There was a racehorse named Leon

He commanded like a lion

Fastest in any race

He ran amongst debris and haze

With eyes cast down, he looked a demure woman

With raised eyes, he looked like a proud dominant male

Like a royal he was fed

He dismissed the unwanted with a toss of his head

He loathed fear

In anyone who stood near

But he feared the look of old racehorses

Now huddled in the barn

Faster than he was in their heydays

And always wondered about the day

He would be relegated to a corner

Another Precious Life

He bought me from a village fair

Marvelled at my wool so rare

And fed me with love and care

I bleated my gratitude

Flourished under his concern

Played with his children


One day I realized his farce

When he shot his horse

The same one he had patted

Praised and petted


Then I saw him bargain

Greed in eyes

Money in hands

He gave me no look

As I was pushed into the truck

Crowded with sheep my size

We bleated away

Pleading for mercy

And I understood the world

Where the weak are trampled

Where strength and money

Overtake kindness and humanity

And I came of age

A few moments before my impending death