Short Story Published in Page & Spine

Hello Friends,

My short story, ‘Shopping with the baby’ has been published in Page & Spine. Thank you, Nancy, for the kind words of appreciation and the publication. Please find a link to the story below.

Shopping with the Baby

There are two adult characters in this story. If you read this, do let me know if you have come across such characters in real life.

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – Consequences


Peter turned off the alarm clock in haste. It was 9. In 15 minutes, he was in the living room, ready for office. However, there was no sign of breakfast. “Maisy, where is my breakfast?” She stared at him and turned away. Peter had slapped her yesterday and she was acting up. The next day was the same and so was the next. If he made extra food, meaning to save some for the night, she ate everything. Anger rose in him, but he thought of its consequences. “Maisy,” he began in a low voice, “I am extremely sorry.”

This was written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

Subtle Victory


subtle victory

“I want to thank my parents for encouraging me.” Cheryl’s eyes scanned the nooks and corners as she spoke what she had memorized before the concert. “A special thanks to my music teacher…” Aunt Thelma was huddled in a corner, her eyes shining. She had taken Cheryl to her piano lessons every alternate day, learned piano for her and practiced with her. But, there was no mention of her in the speech prepared by her dad and supervised by her mom. “Thank you, Aunt Thelma” whispered Cheryl. Thelma could not hide her tear-streaked cheeks and a subtle, victorious smile.

This is in response to a word prompt in Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.



The Green Wall


They both huddled in a damp building

with fading, light green walls

away from the inquisitive eyes of the world


They held hands and spoke earnestly

and the wall came closer to hear them

He whispered incoherent words into her ear

which she half-understood,

but the green wall blushed bright green

as it understood the meaning of the each word

and its deep implications

Was that wall a woman?


Next he made promises

and the wall went further green

This time with envy

The wall was probably a woman


She waited for him

The next day, the following day

and the whole week

He never came

She wept with sorrow,

no companion to share her grief

but the wall shared her misery,

crying with her,

till its faded green color

further lightened

Yes, the wall was definitely a woman

The Taj Mahal Bench

Do not lower yourself onto this bench

It is not meant for you

Not for lonely people like you


It is a bench made only for lovers

who glide over the stormy waves of love

without losing their way to temptation


It is a bench made only for lovers

with the same focus in mind,

much like the emperor

who built the monument here,

a fruit of his passion

or perhaps his obstinacy

for the world to marvel


But, do not lower yourself onto this bench

Come with the perfect partner

As the bench awaits you, eagerly

Marriage and Dating Sites – Have You Advertised in Any of These?

You may get what you are looking for or not! However, there are more possibilities of your self-esteem being degraded in these sites.

People enter matrimonial sites with eagerness and high expectations. Most of them feel that they will be lapped up by prospective partners. It is human nature to be less self-analytical and more critical of others. However, once you have entered these sites, your attitude is likely to change. The members you like may not respond to your queries. Admit it or not, it is all about the photo you have uploaded in your site. You feel slightly disappointed and start self-analysis. You wonder what is wrong with your looks, height and weight. Or is it the wrong background? Should you have smiled more for the photo? Then, you upload a better photo, trying to incorporate all these aspects.

Still, it has very little impact on the members you are interested in. You are ideal. What went wrong? It could be that they are not looking for an ideal person. What may seem perfect to you may not appeal to them. After all, not everyone has the same set of preferences. Few people agree on looks. You may also have rejected those who expressed an interest in you.

Moreover, if you look around carefully, you will find that those looking for an ideal partner are likely to spend more time in these sites and thereby more membership fees. Also, is there a way to ensure that an attractive person is likely to be a nice person as well? Is it not better to look for somebody who meets your standards reasonably well and spend more time in exploring their character and other attributes?

Lucky are those who wait for years and still manage to find their perfect soul mates. However, it is more practical for others to set moderate standards and get themselves a partner when they are still young.