Dead caterpillar

my hands numb

on my silk gown


The Girl

shadow-girl-sun-sea-sunset-holding-bali-lovina-39743488A girl –

Her words prick like thorn

vulnerable liquid eyes deny

Ligo Haibun Challenge

Quotes Week

“Wise men talk about ideas, intellectuals about facts, and the ordinary man talks about what he eats.”

I stroll to the food court, listening to the stall owner gossiping about anybody who could not hear him. I smile, knowing that he would gossip about me after I walk away. He tells off everybody, but takes less money and always serves more than what they demand. The street dog enters the food court and barks non-stop. He throws some food at it, while berating the non-paying ‘customer’. The dog, understanding nothing, wags his tail humbly.

Stray intruders fly away

as lame words

fall on deaf ears

This was written for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. Thank you, Pirate and Esenga, for the opportunity.

Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Mary’s Gift

alastair_photo fiction

This was the cheapest ornament he could find in the gift shop. However, it glittered and looked huge. So, Larry took it home. Mary looked at the ornament with shining eyes. She dangled it lovingly on the Christmas tree.

Everyday she went over to the living room to check if her precious glittering ball was still there.  She touched it and even kissed it when she thought no one was looking. Larry noticed everything and felt envious of the ornament. He started buying expensive designer ornaments for the tree. Larry even went around decorating the house with lights and got a new Christmas tree. He decorated the tree with all ornaments, except the cheap ornament. Next day, he found it in a prominent place on the tree.

Exasperated, he unfastened the ornament from the tree and tossed it away. Mary picked it up from the rubble, “This is the first thing you bought for me in the 25 years of our life together. I would never throw it away.”

This was written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Illusion

I looked at the vast beach below. Sparkling in green, the water took in the joy of the land, reflecting the crowd of happy faces. Children ran with balloons, anxious mothers watched them while quiet toddlers built castles in the sand. Lovers sat behind trees, gazing into the each other’s eyes, the music of sea between them. The waves watched everything and glistened with their happiness.

I looked at the green walls in my well-furnished office and shuddered at the barren land below. My colleague typed away in his mechanical style, oblivious to the maddening silence.

Thriving and well-fed

yet bound in a narrow space

fish in Aquarium

Written for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. Pirate and Penny are the other hosts of this challenge. Do share your own haibun with us and enjoy the contribution by other writers.


Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Lovers and the Cop


Sameer leaned over Sapna, whispering something. She giggled.

“Hello! “said a soft voice.

They both turned back, startled. It was a policeman, standing near a chopped tree.

“This is a public park for kids. Can you go elsewhere?”

Sameer and Sapna sat in the beach, conversing in hushed voices.

“Hello!” said a loud voice. It was the same policeman. “This is a beach for families and the elderly. Can you take this elsewhere?”

Now, Sapna and Sameer stood outside the latter’s apartment, talking.

“Hello!” They both turned to him, exasperated. “This is a dangerous time. There are thieves on the prowl..’

They both went their separate ways, wondering if he was an apparition sent by fate to separate them.

The policeman, a bachelor, went to his empty house wondering if the omnipresent couple were sent by fate to mock his loneliness.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction