Dark Lane

I walk in a lonely

dark lane,

I fear the night

Cicadas tease me

with their low hiss.

My home is still far away,

I hit a stone

and my heart freezes

at the sharp sound.

I look around

and fear turns into wonder

as a bud blossoms

into a purple flower.

Bees swarm

around the new-born flower

and I find a place

in a rusty bench.

I don’t want to move

I don’t want to go home

I swap my fear

for joy and wonder,

glued to the mesmerizing

beauty of the night

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Ligo Haibun Challenge – The Sage


I heard a screeching noise and saw the creature for the first time. It looked like a goat, but was something different. Later, I learnt that he was a Llama. After eating the grass, he looked at me. It was a contemplative look, as though he saw something that others had missed. It was a look that animals did not give humans. It was as though he knew everything that was going on.

Later, the shepherd drove him away and the Llama threw a resigned look. I thought of him as a sage. The Llama presented an odd picture, trotting amongst regular sheep. ‘The sage’ came everyday and probed my cottage, conveying different thoughts, till the shepherd spotted and whisked him away.

Eternal prejudice

supreme intelligence

locked inside a four-legged genius

The above was written for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. This week we have photos of the Llama and the penguin. Take part and share your haibun with us.

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Illusion

I looked at the vast beach below. Sparkling in green, the water took in the joy of the land, reflecting the crowd of happy faces. Children ran with balloons, anxious mothers watched them while quiet toddlers built castles in the sand. Lovers sat behind trees, gazing into the each other’s eyes, the music of sea between them. The waves watched everything and glistened with their happiness.

I looked at the green walls in my well-furnished office and shuddered at the barren land below. My colleague typed away in his mechanical style, oblivious to the maddening silence.

Thriving and well-fed

yet bound in a narrow space

fish in Aquarium

Written for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. Pirate and Penny are the other hosts of this challenge. Do share your own haibun with us and enjoy the contribution by other writers.


Ligo Haibun Challenge – Home At Last

Copyright - Meme

Copyright – Meme

The snake crawled fearfully over the railings and the walls. All creatures were hostile to him and he feared their fear. Then, he felt his beloved tree and leapt over it effortlessly. The king had reached his state at last. The tree relaxed and the snake nestled in the warmth.

Destination bound..

restless fear follows

his every movement

Ligo Haibun Challenge

Welcome to the Ligo Haibun Challenge. This week, we have two visual prompts for you to choose. But, before we get to that, let us welcome Penny who has joined the Ligo Haibun panel as a judge.

Now, getting to the visual prompts, the first one belongs to Pirate, our host, and the second photo belongs to Meme from Mixedupmeme. Thank you, Pirate and Meme.

We welcome suggestions for word/phrase or visual prompts.

Copyright - Pirate

Copyright – Pirate


Copyright - Meme

Copyright – Meme

Here are the rules:

  • The haiku/collection of haiku related to the text to close. The haiku should be as authentic as possible, with no syllable count, no capitals or full stop, all ideally making 220 word max.
  • Wear the Ligo badge to the right with pride on your blog! And pin the Circle of Appreciation to your blog if you haibun is selected as an honourable mention!
  • Prizes are given on special occasions

Do kindly add your haibun to the link collection below:

The special mentions for the previous week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge are:

Bjorn: Don’t let the beauty of nature charm you for death lurks in the corner. Check out Bjorn’s captivating piece on the topic, ‘Dewdrops’.

Anja: Sensual prose with a lovely haiku. Welcome to the Ligo Haibun Challenge, Anja!

Yarnspinnerr: Informative haibun; the prose intrigues you with its cultural and spiritual knowledge and the haiku complements it very well.