Steady Heart


Every time you fly the fighter aircraft

With a steady heart and focussed thoughts

Equipped with years of training

Your country shivers for you

Strangers pray for you


Spare a thought for your family

Think of your expectant nation

And pause a minute

With a shred of humanity

Still in your heart

Think of your enemy

A victim of your destruction

Prepared to strike back

Both automated to perish

Following somebody’s orders

Who would sign treaties

And shake hands

After nothing is left

And everyone is gone

Another Precious Life

He bought me from a village fair

Marvelled at my wool so rare

And fed me with love and care

I bleated my gratitude

Flourished under his concern

Played with his children


One day I realized his farce

When he shot his horse

The same one he had patted

Praised and petted


Then I saw him bargain

Greed in eyes

Money in hands

He gave me no look

As I was pushed into the truck

Crowded with sheep my size

We bleated away

Pleading for mercy

And I understood the world

Where the weak are trampled

Where strength and money

Overtake kindness and humanity

And I came of age

A few moments before my impending death

Are You Ready to Turn a Vegan Yet?

Why do people turn vegan? There may be a wide variety of reasons; the self-interest to stay and remain healthy could be one such reason. Another is to stay away from animal agriculture, brought about by a genuine concern for animals.

How do vegetarians differ from vegans?

Vegetarians are those who do not eat animals; except for eggs. They also tend to consume milk. Vegans are those who do not consume the aforesaid items, as well as honey. Apart from these, hard-core vegans also tend to avoid dressing up in clothes made from animal skin and products.

While people agree with the humanitarian and health aspects of taking up a vegan diet, they may not be ready to control their craving or self-indulgence. While there is no law restricting animal-consumption, it is a craving that should be suppressed in order to uphold ethical values. Turning vegan is a step by step process, which provides a feeling of satisfaction that you have contributed something to the society.

Vegan food is less expensive and also healthier when compared to non-vegetarian food. An appropriately researched and planned vegan diet can help you gain adequate nutrients while minimising cholesterol and fat. All it takes to turn vegan is gaining adequate information and having a lot of determination.

Celebrities who are Vegans

Some famous vegan celebrities include Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Casey Affleck, Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson and Toby Maguire.

The famous Paul McCartney once said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”

Save a Life, Be a Vegetarian

Are we not outraged that our pet animals are being consumed as delicacies in many countries? When do we realize that the animals that are not so human-friendly or ‘cute’ should also be accorded the same level of compassion? The same argument can be put forth for people who avoid eating reptiles out of revulsion, but devour other living things.

Be it the moral aspect, health or the intellectual view – an in-depth consideration of any of these aspects would point to a vegetarian life. Taking the moral view, every living thing has a right to exist. Our hunting rabbits and deer for meat make us no less rational than lions and crocodiles, though we use sophisticated methods. Animals are bred in millions all over the world so that their meat can fill our dining tables and skin can adorn our bodies and feet. If vegetables produced in a local garden can satiate our hunger, why not exercise that choice? It is a proven fact that non-vegetarian diet has a negative impact on our health. Right from high blood pressure and constipation to kidney problems, tuberculosis and paralysis, non-vegetarian food could cause all these problems. Take the intellectual view to think about the destruction of rainforests and water pollution caused by meat producers. Meat consumption all over the world could also lead to extinction of some animals. Imagine the future generation not knowing what a deer is!

Lastly, every religion stresses on compassion to fellow humans. Why not extend the same towards other living things? If men are superior as a race, why not be more responsible?