Carrot Ranch Challenge – Forgot


He stood in front of the crowds, his mouth wide open, and his guitar hanging by his side. He stared at the ogling girls and the scowling boys who had been dragged there by girlfriends. He had forgotten everything. What was he supposed to do? “Come on, man. You are the greatest rock star of the century. Get going.” his lead guitarist hissed at him. The rock star blinked. He could remember nothing beyond his 10th birthday when his dad had insisted that he learn guitar. “I had always wanted to be a rock star.” his dad had said.

This is in response to Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. The word prompt is Rock Star.

One Afternoon

It was an afternoon

when birds in their nest swoon

that the sun forgot

to turn on its burning heat

It cast a warm light

to every being’s delight

Its warm glow

enveloping everything in yellow

Trees, plants and birds

half-asleep, soaked in the mild sun

and humans pausing to stare

hoping for its good temper to last

forgetting the aura of twilight for a while

When You Looked

When you sang

I lost my heart

When you spoke

I lost my voice

When you painted

I lost my imagination

When you looked

I stood mesmerized


Now I am deprived of my senses

as you go searching

for your next victim

To be a Mother

Her heart thuds every time

he walks to the playground

Would he be hit by the volleyball

or the football this time?

She neither wants him to be the perpetrator

nor does she want him to be the victim

She wants him to be on top

but never over the top


And even after he fulfils her ‘wants’

She worries if things are too good

If there are no natural calamities

hidden to attack him

Full and Lively

Bereft of fragrance

and deprived of any mystic aura,

they are not a lover’s muse

or a bee’s sojourn

but they grow together,

attractive, bright and colorful,

they sway with the wind

sweeping away dark thoughts

and lightening the mood.


Would a two-year old find these

flowers any less fascinating

than the silky rose?


She held the rose

As they walked close

Heading to the station

Their steps slow with reluctance and caution

They stared at each other

Him on the platform, her on the train

He was still left staring

Amongst the crowds, jostling


It was the rose that she held tight

As she was pushed

And her bag was crushed

Holding to the still fresh rose

The sole remainder of his love

She slept in a seated position

And woke with a start at her destination

Her tears left many wondering

Was it for the withered rose?

Or for her lover miles apart?

Never-Ending Road

I traveled down the never-ending road,

surrounded by heavy trees,

as huge branches leapt forward

trying to kiss the window,

but were swept back to their place

by some unseen force.

Love birds, feeding each other,

peeked from their hiding,

to stare at the strange vehicle.


A small pond invited the gaze

with irresistible clear water

and huge hills occupied the way forward,

magnificent, untouchable and mystical.


The tree, enriched with

proud young leaves

and thriving pink flowers,

stands bereft of its wealth

within a blink of the eye


The fertile land

is robbed of its enviable

lush grass with a

change in the season


The nature points to the

impermanence of life.

Accomplish all that you have to,

for you may never know

what may next befall you.

Act fast and work fast                                                                                 

for we may not be there

to see the next day.

Exposed by the Moon

The tall tree finally at rest

from the scorching sun

and cruel heat as it

breathes with the chilly breeze

of the cold night


The tree wakes up in alarm

as the full moon once again

exposes its shiny leaves,

luscious fruits and warm nest

to the waiting eyes

of the eager world


Dogs bark in unison,

birds ruffle the leaves and

humans count the fruits,

thus disrupting the

peace of tall tree

without any concern.