Looking Forward 

Thoughts of Singapore haunt me as I stare out of the window from my new house. I try to find the soul of the city in the scent of sand. Flashy cars try to outdo each other on roads and flyovers. Far above them are Dubai’s tall buildings. I shut my eyes tightly and imagine tall pine and maple trees in the place of skyscrapers. I replace carefully arranged flower beds with wild bushes and undo the huge mall for a small pond. 

summer heat 

a bird thirsts for rainwater 

among plastic water bottles 

Carrot Ranch – Flash Fiction Challenge

“Darling, I have got some fresh apples for you. Here, take this one.”

He placed the shiny, juicy apple in front of her. She took a look and knew what it was. “Are you sure you don’t what this?” She tried.

“Nope. Not really.”

She thought of her unemployment, the years of quarrel and her god-forsaken country where divorce was a crime.

“Shall I peel the skin? It would taste better, I think.” She gave herself a last chance.

“No. An apple’s skin has the most nutrients.”

She looked blank for a minute. Then, she took the first bite.

This is in response to Carrot Ranch’s word prompt.

Will These Buds Blossom?


You are a new parent in the maternity ward. You watch your healthy newborn sleeping in peace. Contentedly, you close your eyes. You watch her grow and thrive over the months. She attains her head balance and crawls on time. Next, you proceed to feed her semi-solid and solid food. She throws up. Not one day, but every day. Your doctor tells you to force-feed, but it is of no use. That is when you realize that something is wrong.

You wonder if it is reflux or some other infection. You are worried, putting your child through various medical tests. Your child progresses to her second year. But, you see few signs of growth or development. That is when you are suggested to go through an MRI and a genetic test. You are devastated when the doctors say that she has the LEIGH SYNDROME. According to US National Library of Medicine, “Leigh syndrome is a severe neurological disorder that usually becomes apparent in the first year of life. This condition is characterized by progressive loss of mental and movement abilities (psychomotor regression) and typically results in death within two to three years, usually due to respiratory failure.” The sad part is that the Leigh’s Syndrome has no cure and most of the pediatricians have not heard about it. It is a rare disease.

All these are events that happened in my friend’s life. He daughter has regressed over the course of time. She is now two and a half years old and fighting with this disease every day. Please go through my friend’s blog and support her in any way you can. Do spread awareness of this dangerous and rare syndrome. Do please pray for Aadya and all the kids who have been diagnosed with the Leigh Syndrome. Here is Aadya’s blog.

Are You a Natural Beauty?


Makeup can have long time repercussions on your face. Premature aging, facial bumps and early onset of wrinkles are some of the adverse consequences. However, you can avoid that by using products that can enhance your natural beauty. Let us check them out below.

Natural Products to Enhance Your Looks

Snacks for Toddlers


Every kindergarten has a snack time. What kind of snacks do you give your toddler? Is your child eating the snack or bringing it back? Let us list out some good snacks for toddlers a well as adults. Do click on the link below for the right snacks for toddlers: