When the Light Barged in

I stood in the corner

of my tiny room,

scared of the light

that followed me

wherever I went.

I pulled my curtains,

hiding inside, holding

on to darkness, taking

comfort in misery

when sunlight crept in

through the tiny opening

in my curtains.

Terrified of the light,

I buried my face in

my hands.

Sunlight colored my fingertips,

pricking my eyelids.

I felt the light

with closed eyes,

flooded by its warmth,

its positivity and grandeur.

No longer fearful,

I shed the comfort of darkness

and stepped on

the path of light.

15 thoughts on “When the Light Barged in

  1. I feel comfort in the dark. Not because I dread the light, but because light can provide too many distractions. In the dark we often see more clearly than in the light.

    (Just instant thoughts/first thoughts upon reading.) Won’t be writing a dissertation. lol

  2. Beautiful piece..reminding me myself when I often wake up in the dark; waiting for the sunlight…and starting the day. I love how you play with the words and create a beatiful journey for the reader! Take care

  3. What a lovely illustration of thoughts when we are scared to confront something or become weak at some point in our life but there is always hope, positivity and a way out that reaches you sooner or later, it’s us who need to open our closed gates. Beautiful poem❤️😊

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