27 thoughts on “Short Story Published

    • Thank you, Amy. I was trying to experiment. Hope it was not too disturbing. Feel free to skip if it is so. I would be happy with your comments on my haiku and poems. xo

  1. Oh what a heart wrenching story Padmini, you brought tears to my eyes. You know, whenever I board a flight, I always ring the last call to my mother and husband(if not flying with me) to say goodbye as I am always scared.
    Loved your story so much, gripping and poignant. ❤️
    Congratulations dear, you deserve it 🤗

    • Thank you, Samreen. I used to get nightmares of aeroplanes falling in sea or ocean. This story is a result of that. And even though we hope the journey would be safe, it is better to make a call before the takeoff. I am happy you liked this one:)

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