Vague Memories

The old lady sits in the corner of a
park bench, overlooking
her nursing home.
She laughs if spoken to,
her toothless smile as
pure as that of a baby,
a testimony to her
lost memories.

She does not remember
her husband with whom
she shared 40 years of pain nor
does she remember her children
to whom she gave 30 years of
her health. She fails to recall
her father who was never there.
She has a fleeting memory
of a young woman who birthed her,
fed and sang to her,
cried and laughed with her
and has now become a picture
in her ancient house,
never growing old.

The old lady sobs softly
disturbed by vague thoughts of
her mother, alarming her caregivers.
Then she is back to senile
laughing self as those around her
sigh in relief.

14 thoughts on “Vague Memories

  1. A part of life we all dread to meet. But it is a part of life.
    The sad part is not having anyone to help guide you through it.
    Gentle helpful care of the elderly is missing for so many.

    I hate looking in the mirror. ;(

  2. We all have to go through this phase of fate permits and we live that long, when we are young we are so engrossed in our world that we forget our elderly, we forget they are child like again, we can only live that being one of them one day.
    You have written this so poignantly dear, such heartfelt lines ❤️❤️❤️
    Even I have to write about this since so long, it’s still pending.

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