Spark of Fire

I am the spark of fire

born from animosity.

I do not rue my birth

but transform into

a spark of hope

as I implant myself in

every child

who crosses my path.

I will burn in them

as a light of hope

and humanity,

till they pass me to others.

I will stay alight

with faith and joy

till the end of the world.

12 thoughts on “Spark of Fire

  1. Oh wow, how I LOVE this! I understand perfectly well for I know personally by fire, my light, has strengthened and grown in the adversity that rages out of control today. Beautifully penned!! xo

    • Thank you very much, Amy. I am glad you empathize with this. I know that you are a person who motivates herself in tough situations. We really need a spark of light in these tough times, don’t we? Thank you and take care. xo

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