Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – Lucy’s Letter

postal carrier

Lucy woke up, optimistic, knowing that something was about to change. She ran down the street when she heard the postman’s bike a couple of streets away. A letter from her wayward son! The postman looked at the 90-year old Lucy jumping up and down and realized that his efforts had been worth it. He had braved the storm, the governmental warnings, and a pickpocket to reach his destination. He smiled at Lucy. At this, Lucy became self-conscious and looked angrily at the postman. The grinning dumbo! After all, how would this man know how important her letter was!

This week’s prompt is to write a story of 99 words about a postal carrier in an extreme situation. Thank you, Charli.

14 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – Lucy’s Letter

    • True. The postman’s smile seems like a condescending grin to her…and maybe she became self-conscious after jumping up and down:) Thank you so much for reading, Susan

    • In many cases, people don’t give credit to the other person who takes great pains to complete a task. It is one such case perhaps. Thank you, Avery, for reading and commenting.

  1. Riding in from the Ranch!
    I’m impressed at Lucy – jumping up and down at 90! Good for her! Guess she thought he was laughing at her. I like to think he was happy to see her joy and felt his efforts were worth it.

  2. Now to make your story more believable ….. in snow like this picture shows, it is not possible to drive a bike. I don’t think you experience snow where you live. I enjoyed the story however. FYI …. that picture is the kind of snow we used to have where I live. We literally had to did ourselves out!

    • Amy, you are right. We have never experienced snow here. However, I wrote this story based on the word prompt given. It was to write about a, ‘postal carrier in an extreme situation’. The extreme situation could be a storm, snow or maybe even getting the delivery done in a city of crime. I guess some people wrote about the snow, some about storms and some about the how the postwoman does her job despite personal commitments. Thank you for taking the time to read and sharing your thoughts on this one. Hope you have a good day. xo

      • I apologize if I got you upset. That was not my intention. Through my own experience as a writer/photographer, I have learned how important it is that the picture matches the words. Your story was great and you followed the prompt beautifully. When there is a lot of snow like that, always the mail comes by truck. There is no other way. And the houses that have mailboxes on the houses themselves, unless their driveway and sidewalk are cleared of snow, their mail does not get delivered.
        May you have a great day today. (((HUGS)))!! xo

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