Haibun Thinking – Quote

‘Gathering her brows like gathering storm, Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.’ – Robert Burns

The poet writes and looks at the telephone, his heart still thudding from the ramifications of her phone call. He recalls her angry words of never wanting to see him again and his equally vehement response. He regrets it now and wonders if she is also going through the same agony. The phone rings softly now, almost musical. He knows who is on the line. He smiles, tears his note and leaves to attend the call.

Sea boils with wrath..

each resident reciprocates

waiting for lasting peace

This was written for Haibun Thinking.

20 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking – Quote

  1. Hi Padmini. Thanks for joining in again. Poets do need inspiration, it’s just a shame when that inspiration comes from a fallout between lovers. A great haibun

    • Hi Alastair, Thank you so much for that. Poems, stories and even quotes are mostly the results of lessons learnt in life. Wonder whom Mr Burns was thinking about when he wrote that.. Or perhaps it was generalized. And thank you for the opportunity. Hope I am not too late this week:)

  2. If we can think just a tad before speaking maybe we (sometimes I) wouldn’t have to remove the foot we have put there… Now if we can learn from our mistakes.

    Thanks for visiting my piece. I’m afraid things are only marginally better for women in our world. I remember my grand mother and her hand crank ringer washing machine and clothes on the line in every season.

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