On Ligo Haibun

Hi Friends,

Due to some commitments, I would no longer be able to host the Ligo Haibun Challenge. And so, Pirate and Ese will host the same. Do please check out their blogs. Let us also thank Penny for her effective contribution to the challenge and her painstaking research on haibun. Though not a judge, Penny would still continue her research and offer valuable insights on Haibun. Hoping for your support to the Ligo Haibun Challenge and the great art of Haibun:) Good Luck!

13 thoughts on “On Ligo Haibun

  1. So beautifully written Padmini, and thank you for your lovely compliments. I will add that your contribution to the Ligo Haibun was excellent. Your many encouraging words, organization and research, you also involved yourself with (for those who aren’t aware) Padmini, In many cases very time consuming but always handled so delicately and with such finesse. You will be greatly missed my friend.
    I do have a favor. I would love, when you have time to see you writing some new poetry. I find I do miss along with your other creative words, your very distinctive and beautiful poetry. Take care of you. 🙂 xo

    • That is very kind of you to say, Penny, and touching. I’d really like to write poetry, sometime soon:) nothing comes to mind now:) Wish you a wonderful weekend and a fruitful week ahead

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