Ligo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt

Hi Friends,

This is the week for special and Honourable mentions. Writers who have put in a lot of hard work and have been consistent in their quality and participation have been included below as special mentions.

Anja: Intense, personal and powerful! That is Anja’s writing for you. Noteworthy and emotional is her latest piece, ‘You will not steal my moments’.

Alastair: Alastair has put in a great deal of effort on the Ligo Haibun Challenge. He has brought a different style here and his narrative needs to be mentioned for its originality. Do check out his piece on ‘Copper and Steel’, written on September 16th.

Freya: Freya has written a deep personal experience this week. Also, don’t miss her lovely philosophical take on Pirate’s picture in ‘Random Beauty’. It is unique and refreshing.

Summerstommy: Summerstommy, a regular contributor, writes in a simple yet effective manner. One of his most gripping pieces this month is his take on Khalil Gibran’s quote.

Now let us move over to the honourable mentions.

Peripatetic Eric: It is always a delight to read Peripatetic Eric’s work, with his compelling imageries, which propel you from the chair to the place he describes. Do read his haibun on paradise or the latest piece on Tagore’s quote.

Anelephant: From a child’s point to an adult’s conflicting emotions, Anelephant takes you into right into their minds. In the link here is his take on how love can turn a rock into ice.

Sunshine: Sunshine is sunny and bright as the name suggests, but could also be philosophical, perceptive and intense. For instance, take a look at her haibun on Rumi’s quote.

Twoscamps: Here is a writer who travels a lot and brings to you the exact flavour of her destination. Check her vivid haibun under the title, ‘Bridge to Nowhere’. Read twice the haiku towards the end.

Below are the word prompts this week.




And after completion, please add them to the InLinkz below. Good luck!


33 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt

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  2. Thank you so much for my special mentions! This is the first time in my writing & blogging adventures that I have been given such an honour – and it was a real surprise! I love this method of creativity, so thank you to all of you who have brought it to us.

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  4. Thank you for the mention. I have read some of the others, and I am honoured to have been included with such fantastic writing.

    Thank you

  5. Thank you for the special mention! I will say that I am never disappointed with any of the posts that come through ligo haibun. So many wonderful writers.
    Also, I would feel bad if I didn’t point out that summerstommy is a he…not she 🙂

  6. first, thank you for the honors, i am grateful beyond words. ♥ second, to all those mentioned here, congratulations. i really enjoy the weekly haibun offerings. ☼hugs!!

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