Ligo Haibun Challenge – Share Your Powerful Feelings

This week we saw many emotional haibun inspired by the quotes; ranging from life in the desert, celebration of life, fantasy, love and compassion. Thank you, friends! Now, we have a couple of word prompts for you to try this week.




What does the word ‘paradise’ mean to you? Can you find it on earth?

Alternatively, share with us your idea of listlessness. Your own, imagined apathy or your ideas of it. And after you are done, add your haibun to link below.


20 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Share Your Powerful Feelings

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  2. Sometimes it works to combine both. Before the little ones arrived I was able to pen a memory of a visit to a far off island and the proud people that perhaps still live there…

    Thank you for notifying me of the new challenge. ~Jules

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