Picture it & Write – Meditation


Sam forgot everything; himself, his life, his commitments and relationships. He meditated with intensity, unknown to him till now. All of a sudden, he could find himself rising in the air, floating in the breeze. Fear struck his heart as he opened his eyes.

Cars honked and buses zoomed past in a chaotic manner. His dwelling in the air was not peaceful either.  Birds tried to prick him and further movement upwards could cause collision with aeroplanes.

Sam looked below. A couple of boys were trying to steal fruits from his garden, he thought indignantly. A pretty high school girl strolled with her dog. Was she his classmate, Jessica? Thinking of class and school, he needed to complete his record work.

Sam fell down with a thud. “I am not ready for this yet.” he thought, wretchedly.

The above was written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.


25 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – Meditation

    • Yes, he is not able to take himself to the next level in meditation, as he still thinks of earthly pressures, pleasures and commitments. Thank you very much for the read:)

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