Ligo Haibun Challenge – Persian Songs

Last week we received haibun with writers putting themselves in the shoes of animals. Some were philosophical, others were emotional, some added fantasy and humour. Thank you for all these wonderful work. Here we compete with our previous haibun, rather than other writers, trying to make our piece better and different from our previous ones.

This week, we embark on a journey to the mysterious Persia. Apart from the romance and mystique, these sufi philosophers persiaalso looked at life and world with depth. Here are a couple of quotes from them to start this week’s haibun:)

If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom? – Khalil Gibran


Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty.  – Rumi

We, Penny, Pirate and I thank you once again for all the meaningful haibun. Add your work to the link below and also do not forget to check out the haibun by other writers:)

The honorable mentions for August are as follows:

Twoscamps: As the writer travels, you willingly join her on the various journeys. Such is the strength of description in these haibun that you will find yourself moving with the words. While all the haibun here need a special mention, do take a look at one called ‘illusion’.

Peripatetic Eric: Depth and ease with which the words flow are the hallmarks of this writer.  His various haibun touch a chord in the reader, but the one titled, ‘Oblivion’ needs to be mentioned.

Reading Pleasure: Celestine’s haibun are emotional, passionate and always come from the heart. The haiku towards the end of her narrative is compelling and captivating. Check out her latest haibun for this.

Aesop Clerk: If you want philosophical writing with insightful knowledge of history, read Aesop Clerk’s haibun. Faith and facts are always analyzed in his haibun and the conclusions are summed up in a unique manner. For example, go through his haiku on ‘Liberation’ drafted in the first week of August.

 Jules: Jules makes her point clearly and stresses her ideas with more than a haiku. Realism and a simple, but highly effective writing are her trademarks. Her haibun, ‘Aglow’, written on August 1, illustrates these points.

The three of us thank you all for taking part. Hope you will continue to inspire and entertain us with more haibun in the days to come.


17 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Persian Songs

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  7. Thank you for the August Honorable mention. Cheers to everyone mentioned and all who participate.

    I had fully intended to write on one of these quotes…and completely missed it.
    That’s what happen’s when I have my days filled with my little ones.
    I may write on one of them yet even though submissions are closed.

    I would love to be able to know when to check in, or what day the Ligo is normally posted so I can check in, without having to subscribe to a blog that has other posts as well – I already get too much in my mailbox that I never seem to be able to catch up on. Is there a way to set up one blog for just the Ligo haibun challenges? Or to create a mailing list of regulars that the hosts can say; Hey it’s time check out this or that site/link for the challenge.

    Thanks again. Jules

    • Hi Jules, Congratulations:) Saturday morning/evening is the best time to check for Ligo Haibun Challenge. The three of us upload the new challenge by Friday night. You may go either to Pirate’s blog, Penny’s or mine. You don’t have to subscribe. About creating one blog for the challenge and mailing list – it is a great idea and we will let you know after discussing it:) Thank you so much for your interest and commitment towards this challenge

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