Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Faiz’s Sunrise


Faiz lay in the dusty corner of his dwelling. A rat scrutinized him and spotting a friend, scurried away. It was Faiz’s second day in the ocean liner. He had sneaked into the ship when it halted briefly in his war torn nation. His parents were now in prison just because they belonged to a particular sect.

Faiz had spent two days in an unnoticed part of the liner. He tiptoed to the dining room during the night. A lady, probably a cook, had given him some sandwiches the previous night. She neither reported nor questioned him. One look at him and she was moved. Why was this stranger so kind when his long-time neighbours pointed fingers at his family, leading to their persecution? Faiz did not understand the world.

He looked at the beautiful sunrise. It was time to return to his narrow space. But, he would rise like the sun as soon as the ship reached its destination. Faiz smiled for the first time.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction

20 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction – Faiz’s Sunrise

    • Think it is faith, belief, education and upbringing that make people what they are..and in some cases, the uneducated may display more humanity. Thank you, Alastair. The photo this week was lovely and has scope for different topics

      • The different stories have been amazing .. as they always are. The interpretation of the photos always brings a smile to my face.

        The uneducated tend to have not been brainwashed with society’s judgementalism .. okay so not a real word, but you get my drift .. and so can be much friendlier to outcasts

  1. This story so beautifully explains the plight of so many people in our world. Added is the kindness of the cook. Kindness can give you reason to smile. Well done.

  2. A good many families in the United States came from somewhere else. Maybe not all stowaways…but most not in first class births either. While the streets were not paved with milk and honey…I think at least my family and relations worked hard and smiled to be free. Faith and hope for a better tomorrow is sometimes the only thing one has left. I enjoyed this piece – thank you.

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