Ligo Haibun Challenge – Monsoon

The sky parted with tiny drizzles, hesitant as to how they would be received. Finding no resistance, the sky poured with audacity. Birds flew to their nests, except one. This was a tiny sparrow, seemingly having no nest of its own, decided to take shelter in my balcony. I waved my hands, trying to shoo it away. It flew away and returned, continuing this act for a few minutes.

“Let it be.” said my little brother. “What does it eat?”

He got cooked rice from the kitchen and left some in the balcony. The sparrow looked at the rice, while eying us suspiciously. We left the balcony and forgot the sparrow. But, we found it in the evening in the huge neem tree, sharing grains of rice with another sparrow.

Rain parts with earth

grains of friendship

take root in balcony

39 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Monsoon

      • I meant – giving bread/rice as feed to birds.

        We get a lot of sparrows, starlings and other birds where I live – quite often waking up to bird chirps outside my window. I also spy kites/hawks quite regualry and many migratory birds —

        I live in the north.

      • Yes, got it:) It should be wonderful waking up to birds’ songs. We don’t get sparrows in my place, though there are some other birds. Sparrows are hardly seen in Chennai though (at least not for the past few years)

    • don’t know why people say, ‘bird-brains’:) Besides sharing, they also seem smart, independent and are able to take care of themselves. Thank you, Rosy:)

  1. Oh good writing is always such a delight! What a lovely haiku, a hopeful haiku! Your haibun is so soft but not too sentimental – I really like that. The way the haiku is the nectar of the prose is beautiful, bit it is more, and the prose says so much. I racked my brains trying to see how you could avoid ‘sky’ twice, but cannot find an answer.

    • Hi Pirate, Always happy to see your interpretation and glad you stopped to comment. The repetition of ‘Sky’ in the first two sentences? Yes, it could have been avoided, I suppose:) but was having fun with the scenario and did not think of changing anything. Thank you so much:)

  2. This is so lovely. I love how the sky is hesitant to see how the rain is received. Very cool. And the image of the sparrows sharing the rice. The line ‘grains of friendship’ is wonderful!

  3. I agree completely with ye pirate, Padmini. Your haibun is wonderful. It wasn’t until he mentioned the use of the word ‘sky’ twice that I noticed it myself because your prose is so very well worded! And I love your haiku! xx

  4. Padmini, this is sweet haibun. I enjoyed the way you told the story. The haiku was the perfect finishing touch. Maureen

  5. Oh that’s beautiful. I could just see the sparrow on the balcony, eying the humans warily. And I love the idea of the sky pouring with audacity.

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