Old & Alone – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

alastair photo fiction

Shaaf sat alone in the house, nursing his tea. He had been alone since Firdous left him. He did not even remember the time now. The delightful rhythm of drizzle grew into heavy rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning. Water leaked from the ceiling, soaking the entire kitchen. Shaaf tried to shield his eyes from the flash of lightning when he beheld Firdous outside the door. She held two bags filled with groceries and vegetables.

He shouted for his son, Taariq, to open the door. Had he gone to college or left home already? No, he was still sleeping in the cradle. Shaaf walked out with muddled thoughts.

He plucked a rose on the way. He would propose to Firdous today. He needed to hurry before her cousin got to her. He knew that her cousin had the same intentions. Shaaf fell heavily on the muddy pavement. He was still as petals scattered over his body.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.

30 thoughts on “Old & Alone – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

    • Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde? This is where the nightingale sacrifices itself for young love. Don’t find any point of similarity with this, but that was really a brilliant story. This one is more about the life and thoughts of an elderly man. Thanks for reading

  1. Great post.Sad reality (story).Thank you for liking my post (200th. Post..) warm wishes.jalal Michael

  2. I have a neighbor who is without children. Maybe she has a beau? She lived with her parents and cared for them for so long… and now she is almost alone – though she has neices and nephews that bring her joy. Perhpas they will also care for her…

    Glad in a way to read that the story was fiction – heartbreaking. Almost needed a tissue – Thanks for your visit.

    • Hope her nephews and nieces care for your neighbour. I am touched that this story was able to move you to that extent. All of us are somehow lonely in many ways, though we may not show it. Some are much worse off than the others..

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