Pat & Macy – Alastair’s Photo Fiction


The following short story was written for Alastair’s photo fiction.

Pat and Macy sat at the dining table, looking bitterly at each other. Then Pat lowered his eyes to his plate, stuffing it with food, barely looking up. This was their last night together. Their divorce would come through the next day.  Macy’s eyes brimmed with tears as she reached for the juice. Losing one child after another, all those years of petty quarrel, misunderstandings – all of them were coming to an end. Why did she feel so terrible then?

Suddenly, the power went off.  Macy sighed and went inside for candles while Pat searched for his torch. Pat had just located his torch when Macy screamed. Pat panicked and ran to the living room. The lit candle had fallen to the floor, mercifully just brushing Macy’s dress.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes” she replied, shaken.

In the torchlight, he saw the woman he had met and fallen in love with fifteen years ago. He had even forgotten what his wife really looked like. As Macy blinked back tears, she realized that they were holding hands.

38 thoughts on “Pat & Macy – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

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    • True, hope it is. They are so focused on finding fault with each other that they forgot what brought them together or what it felt like in the beginning. Thank you for reading, Cao 🙂

  2. Lovely ending after the desperation and bitterness you portrayed beforehand. Well done on a seemless turnaround.

  3. Beautiful. You’ve presented life (the emotional elements we, too often, are poorly equipped to handle) so very well here. It is sad that it takes a moment out of time, a crisis or something other. to sometimes remind people of what they really mean to each other. Well written, well thought out! Well done!

    • Yes, sometimes it really takes a crisis to move people.. and it is also better to look at the positive side of things. Thank you so very much for the kind comments, Penny. Wishing you a good week ahead.

  4. Oh, too sweet, Padmini. That can certainly happen in life; we can ‘miss’ so much because of the daily grind.. A lovely satisfying ending; it even gave me a little ‘lump in my throat’.. 🙂

  5. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog about Jessica. I truly appreciate your spending some time visiting! I love your page… lovely! 😀

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