Friday Fictioneers – Alvin’s Job



“I want to join the maths coaching class during holidays. But, I have no money” said Alvin.

“Why don’t you work part-time in the library?” asked Harry

“Oh, I have asked them. No vacancy. “

“Are you strong in any subject? You can tutor the school students.”

“No, I am not.” sulked Alvin. “I have also asked around the campus. They don’t have a vacancy.”

The following day, Alvin saw a strange old bike in front of his house. Harry was chatting with his sister.

“Hi, Harry. What is this?”

“Listen, Alvin. Many houses in the neighbourhood still have milk delivered to them. So, why don’t you become a milkman? You get to ride this different bike and also earn money. What do you say?”

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and Sandra for the photo.

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Alvin’s Job

  1. What imagination you showed this week! When I was very young, we still had milk delivered to the house in glass bottles; at least I think I remember that. 🙂 Our milkman didn’t ride a bike like this, though!!


  2. In the old days in Singapore (1960s), the Indian milkman used to deliver fresh milk on his bicycle – usually in the evenings. What a treat for us kids. Pricked some memories.

    Looks like Alvin will be delivering some fast but cool milk 🙂

  3. It is a good idea to ride bike and deliver milk 😉
    I wonder will the company sponsor to let newbie to learn to get the bike licence before delivering milk? 😉

  4. I do believe he may just take the offer out of desperation or as a sign of resignation and acceptance of defeat when it comes to looking for a job 🙂 nice one.

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