Picture it & Write – The Precious Folder

picture it & write

Julie read it again.  It was an anonymous mail declaring love. She had been getting these emails for the past one week. Julie re-read it and smiled. She always read them in the morning, break and before going home. It was definitely someone from her team. Julie hoped that it was not some married man. Was it Alvin, Jay or Jake? She was sure it was one of these three men. Alvin was the most well dressed, Jay was trendy and Jake was unkempt, but talented.  Julie was still dreaming when she was called to attend the meeting. She observed the three of them when they made their points in the meeting. Jake noticed her and smiled.

Was it Jake? Julie certainly wished it was him. The next day she got another email. From Jake? She saved all them in a folder. The weekend made her yearn for those emails. She would ask Jake in the office party on Monday. She dressed casually for the party. Maybe Jake would like it. As she went inside, there was a crowd. Her teammates were congratulating Jake, who was there with his fiancée. A shaken Julie went to her desk and opened her inbox. The folder concerned was gone and with it all those precious emails.

This was written for Picture it & Write hosted by Ermilia.

28 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – The Precious Folder

  1. That last line gave an unexpected twist and opens up so many tangents — if this served as an intro, I can see at least five different storylines/genre take off. Deep 🙂

    Very well done, Padmini.

    • Yes, it has turned out bitter in the end.. but Julie imagines so much because Jake just smiled at her..Thank you so very much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts on these short stories. Look forward to visiting yours.

  2. I am new to your site. I came here following Eric’s link when he featured you as his site election. What a joy and what an excellent recommendation! Eric wrote that you words linger on; I find this to be true. I couldn’t stop reading and savored each succinct poignant provocative piece. I marvel at your ability to give each an unusual good turn (twist). Today’s Precious Folder is no exception. I shall keep coming back for more – I admire your genre of writing – thank you

    • much appreciate your kind words, Jane. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my posts. Just went through your posts. Your short stories are thought provoking and particularly enjoyed your mother’s poem. Thank you very much

    • well, the party was held in her office..so, she went over to check her email and found all her love mails gone. How they disappeared is open to interpretations..Thank you for the comment, Anne

  3. Ooh, how teasing is your story..! There are so many possibilities, and yet I can’t help but think that Jake may be a ‘cad’ after all….
    I really enjoyed this story, Padmini… Well done to you…!

  4. Ooo! What happened? I love the sudden mystery behind the story. You kept us on our feet! Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & Write. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  5. Jake the snake if you ask me…….your writing style is imperceptibly simple, and you always hold something up your sleeve for your readers! When I say simple, remember that Hemingway did this, so you’re in good company!

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