Ligo Haibun Challenge – South America

lake titicaca

He stood spellbound by Lake Titicaca. He did not listen to the tour guide, who had started speaking about the history of the neighbouring town, Pucara. He stared at the lake, wondering if it was more beautiful in sunrise or sunset. He felt the tranquil water calling out to him in a soft voice.

What is it that you whisper?

It grows urgent with the spell of night

and I am pulled deep inside

As it has in the past two days, his mind wandered to the girl he had met in Taquile island. He had met ethereal queens and dusky beauties, but had never seen her sensuality in any of them. She was a combination of the western beauty and eastern charm, something he had only heard of. He was also captivated by her down-to-earth attitude and polite manners. But, more than anything, the way she looked at him. Nobody had looked at him that way.

Did I interpret it right?

Was it longing? If yes,

Taquile is my home for life

This was written for Ligo Haibun Challenge. Do take part and share your work in this prompt.

25 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – South America

  1. Did I interpret it right?

    Was it longing? If yes,

    Taquile is my home for life — sigh.. of course that made me smile and almost swoon haha

    so romantic…. and a beautiful lake.

  2. Sounds like he’s found a love, and a home; a very beautiful home, Padmini…
    (I hope it was longing he saw on her face. But then, Padmini, I am a hopeless romantic…) 😉
    A lovely piece…..!

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  4. Captivating story. Great part about how his mind wanders away on the tour. Enjoying your blog and thank you for the recommendation in the challenge.

  5. Beautiful! You paint your words with such a fine, smooth brush. As I read, I envisioned composition of fluid curves … warm, yet vibrant … moving and inviting. My body was affected. The honor of success is yours.

    P.S. I came to your site by Eric Alagan’s recommendation. He obviously thinks at least as highly of your work as I do.

    • I felt the beauty of the lake as I saw the picture, but had never visited the place, except in my imagination. Gratified to know that it had impacted you. Appreciate your comment as it motivates me. Do you also write poems? Thank you so much for visiting and thanks to Mr Alagan for his recommendation.

      • Interesting. You’ve never been there, yet you brought me there quite effectively. Your imagination is astounding, as is your ability to share it.

        Do I write poetry? Sadly, I’m wired for Legalese. Maybe that’s why I’m so wowed by those who can write so creatively so well. Keep on with it. You’ve got the talent. And thanks for sharing your imagination with us.

        My Best,

  6. I must add that this haibun really hit home for me – reminds me so much of Lago d’Atitlan in Guatemala, where I set a story story with a character pretty much exactly as you described. Really is interesting everytime I read your haibun. Lago means lake.

    • I see. Just saw the pictures of Lago d’Atitlan. So lovely! Would you like to post the story for the rest of us? or has it been submitted to a journal?

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