Picture it & Write – Rehan’s Picture

picture it & write


When Rehan asked Meena to draw his picture, he did not expect something like this. He had no legs, his features were contorted and he was apparently searching for something with outstretched hands.

“How do you find this?” asked Meena

“I sat two hours for something like this. Why did you even ask me to pose and smile?”

“You smiled for the world, but I looked deep inside and this is exactly what I saw. An aggressive man, struggling to reach the top at any cost. Swimming against the tide of life, with one outstretched hand to defend yourself against imaginary enemies and the other to block competition. You have no legs in this picture because you have forgotten your roots and your humble past.”

Written for Ermilia’s Picture it & Write.

29 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – Rehan’s Picture

  1. An artist’s impression of their subject has always fascinated me… looking at a picture one tries to determine what they were thinking more than what they saw… great post…

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