Friday Fictioneers – The ‘Professional’

friday fictioneers

Julia walked confidently, trying to look casual. She had stolen something again. It was not from a supermarket this time, but a jewellery shop. She checked her pockets. Yes! The tiny diamond ring was still safe. Though shoplifting in a foreign country scared Julia a little, she did not detect a camera. As she tried to cross the road, she spotted two security men, looking at her. Panicked, Julia started running, only to collide against a man who was standing in her path. She blinked in shock, as she sawΒ the man jumping at her with an outstretched hand. She was handcuffed by the time she realized it was only a statue.

This was written for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. Thanks to David Stewart for the photo.

62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The ‘Professional’

    • Yes, the idea was that she was so petrified that she didn’t realize that it was just a sculpture..and its pose scared her:) Thank you so much for reading and the comment:)

  1. I wonder what the statue’s pay is for apprehending a criminal. πŸ™‚ You’ve made me realize again that there are so many different ways off finding a story in the same picture. Isn’t it fun?


  2. I like the tense action of this story. That takes guts, to steal in a foreign country. Here, Westerners at least stand out like a sore thumb. They do have a foreigners-only prison, where all the guards speak other languages. Not that I’d want to go…

  3. Great idea, very clever, and true, it must take ‘guts’ to rob in a foreign land – I like the little added extra, that shehad already stolen from a supermarket, so…
    Makes it very realistic – and yes, in her growing panic, I can imagine the reaching figure causing a serious fright…! Caught by the statue…which suddenly takes on a new…eerie role….PS..if she’s from GB or USA/Europe, she’ll go down the ‘poor lonely/locked up in terrible conditions etc etc’ road and get her consulate to help her get out of jail…sorry! Just happens..

    • Thank you, Pirate, for exploring various aspects of this story. You have covered areas that I did not think of. Being a supermarket thief, jewellery is a big area for her..added to the fact that she is stealing in a foriegn country makes her lose balance perhaps…yet to think about her place of Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, Pirate

  4. Julia’s either brave or just plain stupid. In any case, I enjoyed your clever and unique take on the prompt. Nabbed by a statue. I’m sure the folks at home will love this one.

  5. I hear a gong going off when she runs into the statue..It’s very comical because the set up was spot on! Good stuff my friend!


  6. Panicing was not a good response. Evidently guilt was weighing heavy when she ran. Perhaps the security guards were looking for her, or they could have been just looking her direction. When she took off it became obvious. She convicted herself. Perhaps she’ll be in one of those “Worlds’ Dumbest Criminals” videos. Good story.

  7. There were several this week that led to thievery stories… You captured the stress in her when she ran into the statue so well. I enjoyed it!

  8. That’s an interesting story, sort of a flash fiction “Crime and Punishment.” I would re-think use of “an unmoving man.” Perhaps it could be “Panicked, Julia started running, only to collide against a man who was standing directly in her path. She blinked in shock, as she saw the man jumping at her with an outstretched hand.”

  9. Humerus reality post.The statue is the truth some people want to deny.Thank you for liking my post.Greetings.jalal

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