Carpe Diem – Angels



Lurking deep within

Fearing world’s tribulations

Angel or conscience?

Carpe Diem’s 100th prompt


25 thoughts on “Carpe Diem – Angels

    • Really strong haiku – really very good question at the end…but what is this 5/7/5 stuff! That has NEVER been a requirement of haiku. Of hokku, yes! For haiku – the form never overrides the meaning, and the ‘syllables’ are for Japanese sounds, and are only applied by some haijin. Too much haiku policing!

      • You know, some online journals still insist on the 5-7-5 stuff for English haiku, while some others reject them..Since they originated in Japan, traditional syllables are probably more suited to the Japanese language..Anyway, thank you so much as always, Pirate

      • Hi – thanks, yes – I felt the comment you received with the ”taps” was totally inappropriate and offensive. Haiku has never been mandated as 5/7/5 syllables, even if some bloggers ruin haiku by insisting on it. 5/7/5 comes from hokku, which were the first lines of renga, which was communal poetry, chanted. There is not a haiku haijin in existence who would insist on this for haiku!
        Japanese doesn’t have formal syllables anyway. I feel your haiku are beautiful, and forcing you to apply a non-existent rule is petty and manipulative.
        5/7/5 serves as useful guidelines at most. Best regards nightlake!

      • Hi Pirate, I agree with you on the syllables. Most of my haiku do not follow this..took those comments in the fun spirit..I learnt quite a few things today on hokku and renga…and thank you for your kind words of motivation. I am grateful and appreciate your encouragement for my work. Warm Regards, Nightlake

      • Thanks very much…yes..understand the fun..but….I certainly enjoy reading your work very much, and think it stands out, not needing modification..

      • few writers can appreciate other writing with generosity..Thank you so much for this! and your encouragement always motivates me..A writer needs this kind of appreciation..Thanks always!

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