Butterfly Songs

With a smooth movement

the light-weighted beauty glides past

those hunting charmers,

perches on cattle

and moves away

causing a mild sensation


The butterfly settles on

the leaning flower

lapping up the nectar

before any livid bird

could make a claim

26 thoughts on “Butterfly Songs

  1. Very hard to describe – the fragile, light movement, and you made your butterfly float – carefully and beautifully…and nice ending! I see it almost as a little jab at yourself, the poet there, with her poem controlling her, faster than her, because your poetry, dear nightlake, is usually written by the bird in you!

    • the butterfly floating – that is a very beautiful interpretation..and you are so very kind in your comments:) thank you so much for that.. well, I can think and draft faster than I speak:) Thank you once again for your encouraging and motivating words:)

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