Funeral Flowers

I was born to be a funeral flower

to be placed on wreaths

I lose my sparkle to the tearful faces

and my fragrance to lifeless forms

I am a part of the environment,

the face of grief


The bridal flowers pity me,

and I tell them,

“You are just an addition to the joy

But I am a source of comfort

I am not here to allure

or be admired

I am here to honor

The beings gone to the other world

I am the sole spark of life

in countless graves.”

26 thoughts on “Funeral Flowers

  1. A beautifully composed poem on the simple but evocative theme of a particular flower for a purpose – to commemorate and console.

  2. You do find pearls, with your fingertips, don’t you! I am not sure how you do it, so frequently pressing the right tabs, but really, gems come from this blog. Personally, I love the irony in this piece. Very much. But the construction is also impeccable.

    • Thank you ever so much. It is very kind of you to to say so. well, I was thinking about the usage of white flowers in funeral and thought of this concept..always look forward to your analysis..and very thankful for your comment

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