Beyond Reach


This is the last destination

of the wayward traveller,

Beyond the human reach,

these mountains

are frozen by destiny

as an immovable part of nature


We run and race

to touch and feel this

distant mirage,

but all we are allowed

is a fleeting glance

of this sculpted beauty

It is seemingly near

but too far for the human touch

10 thoughts on “Beyond Reach

  1. Oh my passion, mountains!!! Even a fleeting glance is enough – sculpted beauty – yes! Really is true. Beautiful picture to go with your verses. Those first two lines have a lovely, almost fatal feel to them. Very clever thoughts run through the poem, but I am also happy with having that glance…!

    • yes, a momentary glance of the mountains stay in memory for a long period of time. Eyes may not see, but the heart will feel them. and thank you so very much for sharing your opinion on this poem:)

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