The Powerful and the Powerless

Just like the eagle

scouting and brooding

near the sea

for an easy prey,

the powerful

look for ways

to demean the powerless


You may see them

in your tormenting boss

in the tyrant of your class

Hunters pursuing animals

Clients taking turns to shout at you

The politician targeting enemies

Or even governments grabbing lands

8 thoughts on “The Powerful and the Powerless

  1. that is why the bible describes human gov as mutant wild beasts, in revelation. funny how humans are being dehumanized (animalised) and animals humanized. humans act more like animals everyday. life has become cheap, especially for the very poor who are exploited by the powerful in third world nations as in slavery. we have economic slavery here they have full blown there. I listend to some stories of personal experiences of these poor people. sad.

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