The Missing Forest

Where is that dense forest

inhabited by palm, birch and maple trees?

Co-existing with their delicate leaves, fragrant flowers,

surrounded by tiny plants and thick vegetation


They were all cut down

and those who resisted

were burnt down


In their place now exists

modern buildings and uncaring hearts

throbbing only for printed papers

known as money


Those who survived the fire

still exist in the form of houses, furniture,

beauty products and lifesaving medicines

10 thoughts on “The Missing Forest

  1. it really hurts to see this monstrous abuse of nature, every day. in west bengal the latest trend is fill up the waterbodies for buildings. its causing an eco disaster but real estate business is run by murderers and thugs mostly.

      • its strange is not it how they buy their ways out of jails after doing all these.

        recently i read a really gross news in newspaper, a man wanted his house vacated but to sell to some promoter, but there was a problem, an old woman owned a floor of the house, so the promoter sends him a goon, that goon started to stay with him and pass lewd comments at the old lady every time she walked by, it resulted in her 21 year old grandson’s killing that goon. i dont think he was wrong but he will be punished not the promoter.

        this is what modern civilization (?) is. pay at the right place and do what you want.

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