Eucalyptus Garden

What place was that

with leaves thronging on the roots

of heavy trees?


What place was that

with old flowers persistently sticking

on to the stems, refusing to

fade away?


It was a paradise where the soothing aroma

of eucalyptus pervaded my being,

blinded my senses,

and pushed into my soul,

never to leave my memories,

existing in my conscious and

unconscious state

7 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Garden

  1. I love Eucalyptus trees, especially the way the leaves move! I just saw Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in Costa Rica, they were beautiful.

  2. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite scents/essential oils. Right up there with Lavender. Wonderful poem – as I ‘ve never seen a real E. Tree. Am going to look closer at the image above it now. Thanks Nightlake — so many great posts I enjoyed catching up with you tonight… as I ice ~ Much Love

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