Slimy, Slippery Object

The tree froze as a slimy object

Entered its empire

Disguised in the colour of leaves,

the object slipped inside

and leaves shook as they recognized

a heavy, lengthy reptile in their midst


The reptile peeped at a rose flower

and in a moment swallowed the small bee

The flower shrank and the reptile sneered in distaste

Climbing down the unappetising, vast area

Leaving the tree in peace

5 thoughts on “Slimy, Slippery Object

  1. A simple, elegant, unassuming moment caught in time. A moment that would otherwise pass unnoticed. It is a glimpse into an unseen world that most of us would scarcely consider in our busy lives, a glimpse into the lives of the Earth’s other citizens. Beautifully written. I really like this poem.

    • Thank you for your understanding and the lovely words with which you have described that scarcely-noticed moment.. very glad that you liked this poem and wonderful to make your acquaintance.

  2. Wow nightlake – this is wonderful ~ the empire envied by the likes of a slimy snake… lots of metaphor can be interpreted here ~ glad the tree was ultimately left in peace 🙂

    • yes, but the snake ultimately did not find any object of interest to him:):) He was looking for some food:) Thanks a lot for visiting my post once again, Robyn, and hope you are well today.

  3. Yes – was happy the tree was left in peace though 🙂 Guess not a fan of slimy snakes, wonder how he liked swallowing the bee too! ~ most welcome Nightlake, and appreciate your good thoughts my way…

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