Marriage and Dating Sites – Have You Advertised in Any of These?

You may get what you are looking for or not! However, there are more possibilities of your self-esteem being degraded in these sites.

People enter matrimonial sites with eagerness and high expectations. Most of them feel that they will be lapped up by prospective partners. It is human nature to be less self-analytical and more critical of others. However, once you have entered these sites, your attitude is likely to change. The members you like may not respond to your queries. Admit it or not, it is all about the photo you have uploaded in your site. You feel slightly disappointed and start self-analysis. You wonder what is wrong with your looks, height and weight. Or is it the wrong background? Should you have smiled more for the photo? Then, you upload a better photo, trying to incorporate all these aspects.

Still, it has very little impact on the members you are interested in. You are ideal. What went wrong? It could be that they are not looking for an ideal person. What may seem perfect to you may not appeal to them. After all, not everyone has the same set of preferences. Few people agree on looks. You may also have rejected those who expressed an interest in you.

Moreover, if you look around carefully, you will find that those looking for an ideal partner are likely to spend more time in these sites and thereby more membership fees. Also, is there a way to ensure that an attractive person is likely to be a nice person as well? Is it not better to look for somebody who meets your standards reasonably well and spend more time in exploring their character and other attributes?

Lucky are those who wait for years and still manage to find their perfect soul mates. However, it is more practical for others to set moderate standards and get themselves a partner when they are still young.

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