Travails of a Short Story Writer

The market for short story writers is huge, but how many of the new writers do get published? The rejections are many and the acceptances have hardly been heard of by anyone.

A writer’s typical day involves slogging through his drafts, looking for grammatical errors and ensuring that he has maintained consistency in his characters’ names. Then, he enters ‘Duotrope’ and thinks about the right genre, appropriate length and medium. How about payment now? ‘Any’ would not suffice as such magazines are most probably not even read. Any reputable magazine would offer semi-pro to professional payment. At last, the writer clicks on search to find a huge list of magazines. Some of them are pretty well-known where the writer has already been rejected. Searching for new magazines, he decides to carry out research on them. Forums and articles denounce these magazines saying that they take too long to get back or give preference to a specific breed of writers. There are even some comfort websites for rejected writers.

The writer wonders long and hard on why he is rejected. He decides to do the right thing and reads up short stories in the most universally acceptable magazine. He finds it difficult to read even half of the story as it is extremely boring and seems to lack substance. How was it even published? He goes to bed, dejected, wondering if his next topic will find acceptance.

2 thoughts on “Travails of a Short Story Writer

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